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Chapter one

“They’ve gone now, sweetheart.” Rauru panted, brushing his honey coloured hair out of his face; he and his wife; Karane hid in silence in a small damp cave in Hyrule Field, monsters in their hundreds were patrolling and Karane could not keep going while holding their month old child. He had been quiet for someone so young but the boy spent his days sleeping in his mother’s baby basket as they carried him towards  Kakariko Village. Karane let out a short whine and picked up the baby as he started to cry in the basket; Rauru stiffened, he knew he could not explain the dangers of him crying but Karane hushed the child quickly by bringing him closer to her chest and humming a sweet lullaby that would put him back to sleep. Rauru came and sat back down, he looked at his sleeping son with tired blue eyes. So much of him was in that tiny life; the darker honey coloured hair that barely covered his face, a pair of huge blue eyes and a pair of tiny hands that often flapped the air when he was sleeping, he wore a green knitted babygro and tiny cap that covered most of his face and was wrapped in a white blanket that was tanned brown with dirt and haste to run. Karane lifted her dress a little to cradle him in her heat; she winced with pain as a bad cut on her leg had slowed down her walking

“He’s cold, Rauru.” Karane whispered hugging the child even tighter as he started wailing again, Rauru turned to his wife, the long brown hair that fell past her shoulder acted like a cape; a pair of big blue eyes filled with tears of concern were above an army of freckles. She wore a beautiful red dress that was ripped and torn to make bandages and bags for their trip; she had no shoes on her feet and the pads were dark with walking on the dirt and mud.

“I know, there are too many monsters ahead to go further.” Rauru replied wrapping an arm around her shoulders, his son looked at them and yawned before leaning against Karane’s chest with a grumble, Rauru nearly burst out laughing at his ignorance.  Their son was the only one who seemed to keep a smile on their faces recently.

“Can’t we go deeper in?” Karane asked placing the boy back in the basket as his quiet snores filled the entrance of the cave, Rauru looked outside for a moment, a pair of monsters with purple skin and huge ears dragged their heavy blades across the grass as the sun went down, their tiny squinting eyes barely open. One of them stopped suddenly and sniffed the air

“Yes, we go deeper. Hurry.” Rauru hissed picking up the basket along with the few supplies they had. Karane ran on ahead while Rauru glared forward, the monster was smelling them out and had picked up on their scent, with a shout it lifted its sword into the air and waddled forward towards the cave

“Rauru!” Karane screamed sensing her husband had stopped

“Take him and hide. I’ll catch you up.” Rauru muttered handing her the basket and a few of the supplies. Rauru lifted a bow that was resting in the corner of the entrance and slotted an arrow from a dark red quiver that was belted to his back onto it, he pulled the string back and shot the arrow.

The long piece of wood flew through the air as a blur and hit the monster in the arm sending it back a few inches but it kept coming. Rauru reached behind his back for more arrows but could only feel three. He needed them for food.

“Rauru!” Karane’s voice cried from deep inside the cave followed by the shouts of monsters, Rauru dashed to his wife’s voice and gasped, the cave was full of the monster, the basket was turned on its side and the blankets were thrown over the floor. Two purple monsters were searching through the supply bags while four were surrounding Karane, Rauru drew a blunt sword from his sheath on his hip and pointed it at the monsters. Before he could attack a cry came from the tunnel back to the entrance “They took him!” Karane wailed, her hands on her cheeks getting covered in tears

The monster waddled up the tunnel back to the entrance and passed two more monsters like it rushing down the tunnel, the monster lifted the tiny baby up by its right leg and listened to its screams of fear before stuffing it in a sack with other pieces of loot. The monster heard hooves and dived back into the cave as green monsters with small bows over their shoulders rode up on giant boars ready to collect three sacks that waited just outside the cave. There were three boars, two were brown with small tusks and piercing red eyes, each holding one rider and one archer, the third was light blue, the colour of spring water, with one rider on top. He was green skinned and dangerously overweight; he grunted an order to the riders as they placed the sacks on the boars and quickly turned them around.

“What sound?” he asked hearing the adult’s cries come from inside the cave followed by heavy thumps on the ground. Their cries halted and were no more than an echo in time.

“Trespassers.” one of the smaller riders answered tying a sack to his boar

“No, that sound.” the bigger rider sighed climbing off his boar and putting his hand into one of the sacks “It baby.”

“What do with?” the smaller rider questioned as the archer got on behind him

“Give me, I deal with.” the bigger rider grunted keeping a tight grip of the child’s collar as he saddled up.

He crossed to the halfway point of a stone bridge that overlooked Lake Hylia, with a mutter to himself he thrust the child out over the edge of the brick handrail looking over the rushing water below, the baby lifted his hands up to grip onto the monster’s fingers tightly yet the monster dropped him down to the bridge and watched him land in the water and vanish from his sight.

The baby screamed and cried as he was thrown around the rough waters that ran through Zora’s domain all the way to Hyrule castle. By the thinnest line possible, the baby washed up alive on the shores of the fast flowing river just outside the boundaries Hyrule Castle. The sun has just set behind the clouds as monsters began to dig their way out of the dirt, their flesh and fur missing.
A golden wolf wandered around, completely ignorant of the monsters, they ignored him as they had tackled many times. He noticed the freezing bundle of blankets and clothes that lay by the water and sniffed them, his yellowy coat shone in the moonlight warding off any monster foolish enough to try and attack him while he was busy, he had a dark red eye but the other was missing in his glow, his curiosity had been peeked by the bundle, yet he never felt hungry at the thought of meat anymore, his last meal was forgotten on him. Without warning the bundle let out a scream causing the Golden Wolf jump out of his fur for a moment

A Hylian child? Where are his parents? the Golden Wolf thought, pushing through the blankets to see a screaming baby in there, he glanced around for any signs of people in the night but found none.
The child stunk of fish and was in a very irritable mood with being so wet; the baby’s voice was attracting the monsters attention, the Golden Wolf let out a whimper and picked up the baby at the collar of his clothes and ran into the night, leaving nothing but a ghostly feeling behind him

Where are his parents?

The Golden Wolf stopped traveling at first light, his nose caught a familiar scent to the child and padded into a cave, a terrifying sight met his eyes as two Hylian bodies lay in a pool of blood, all the life out of them gone, their scared and annoyed spirits had already past to the other side. Something caught the Golden Wolf’s eye, he set the baby down and gave him another sniff. On the back of his left hand were three glowing triangles! He had been waiting for this for almost a century; it was no coincidence he had found him. The next hero was defenceless and dying along with his already lost parents. Just like he had before him.

Hylian, human, it doesn’t matter, I need people. The poor boy.

With a swing, the Golden Wolf threw the baby onto his back and felt his tiny hands grasp onto his fur tightly as if he understood what was going on

Hold on, Chosen Hero. Just a little longer.

He ran for a good half of a day before needing a breather. The baby was finding it hard to cope and would often cry in worry for his protector or in hunger. The minutes past like hours when they rested; the baby was getting more and more annoyed to the point of mindless crying. The Golden Wolf sighed and sniffed around, a human scent, male, got caught in his nostrils. The smell began to cling onto the air and weave around the fallen branches and thick grasses that were ahead. The Golden Wolf crossed a long rope bridge that swayed in the wind and the drizzling rain. He barked for the human’s attention after sensing he was close, instead he heard a scream come from a nearby tree.

“Rusl!” the voice screamed, the Golden Wolf turned his head to see a young woman in her early twenties glued to a tree that was protecting her from the rain, she was scared of the rarity of creature that stood in front of her. She wore a mixture of clothing made out of scraps compared to the Hylian style of newly made clothing, a white shirt with a brown pair of knee-height trousers were underneath a layer of red fabric going across her stomach and tied with orange ribbon. She had big blue eyes and short blond hair that was soaked with rain water to the point of it covering her eyes. Her ears were short compared to the boy on his back who had ears with a point, she was human but was more that capable to take care of him.

The Golden Wolf preformed his actions slowly so not to scare her further, the living reacted like this to him all the time, it was nothing new. He gently placed the baby on the ground and licked it too wake it up; he feared he had been to late finding people but even for one so young, the child had already proved he was more than a good survivor. He cried as if he knew he had to cry loudly for attention instead of simply crying for needs. The human was unsure what was going on but approached the child after hearing his cries.

“Uli! I’m coming! What is it?” a man shouted tearing through the bushes and trees

“A wolf brought this-” Uli spoke pointing in the golden wolf’s direction but he had vanished “child.”

“A baby?” Rusl questioned looking at the tiny red face “He looks starved.”

The baby was fed and watered within the hour; he slept in a pile of blankets in the corner of the sofa, his arms clinging onto anything he could as he drooled on the pillows. Uli warmed some water in a saucepan and looked at Rusl who picked up the sleeping child in his arms

“I say we look after him.” Rusl spoke finally as he rocked the child to wake for a feed

“We can?” Uli squeaked, completely overjoyed at the thought

“We can’t leave him outside and Bo can’t look after him, he has a daughter to deal with.” Rusl spoke sitting down on the sofa as Uli handed him a bottle full of milk, the baby took it in his hands greedily but kept his feet kicking in the air as he drunk

“He must be hungry, that’s the third bottle in two hours.” Uli giggled sitting on the sofa next to him, her head leaning over the child. They watched him in silence before getting a pair of open eyes at them, his expression was confused, he was not sure where to look: at the man with the brown hair just within his grasp or the woman with the blond hair that was offering her finger for him to hold.
With a small giggle he reached for the finger and put it in his mouth, his toothless gums chewed and he sucked but nothing came out or off, he sulked at them and blinked hard as the door knocked

“Rusl, its Bo. Can I come in?” a male voice asked from outside, Rusl handed the baby over to Uli and opened the door to feel the downpour of rain on his head above his sweat band. Bo was a big man wearing a white shirt and a pair of trousers that just past his knees, he had a dark piece of ribbon around his middle holding a green piece of fabric up. In his arms he carried a basket with pink blankets in, inside was a tiny baby girl with dark blond hair that nearly reached her shoulders even at her young age. “I heard about the boy you found.”

“We would like to keep him Bo. He can’t go back outside.” Uli begged holding the baby close to her chest

“I wouldn’t ask you to throw him out. As long as in the future he pulls his weight like the others, he is more than welcome in Ordona Province.” Bo muttered placing the baby basket on the sofa next to Uli

“We better give him a name, Uli.” Rusl suggested as Bo took out the little girl from her basket still wrapped in her blankets she moaned and pulled the thinning strands of Bo’s hair in her grasp

“I’m not good with names, Ilia was her mother’s choice.” Bo chuckled as the baby threw up on his shoulder

“He’s Hylian, Rusl. Look at his ears.” Uli said after shifting the boy’s hair out of his eyes to see the tiny pointed ears

“How about Link?” Rusl suggested “He’s our connection to the Hylians after all.”

“I like that name.” Bo said with a smile as Uli handed him the boy, he yawned again and looked sleepily at Bo “What do you think, Ilia?”

Ilia slid down his shoulder and landed in his right hand with a gurgle

“I’m not sure how to take that. But I think he suits it.” Uli spoke as Bo rocked the pair close together, his hands were just big enough to house them both, but the boy’s squirming was not making holding him easy, Rusl picked him up and laid him back on the sofa

“Link. My little Link.” he whispered patting him on the head

Link. My little Link. the Golden Wolf thought with a smile on his lips, he climbed down from the view from the window and ran to the front door, he could sense Link’s tiny body inside snoozing the bad weather away.

Until the time came, he would not let any danger come near the boy.

With that he disappeared in a haze of grey smoke leaving nothing but a happy howl in the wind.
Another fan fiction...yeah.

I love Twilight Princess, its just epic. I love the Golden Wolf too. After wandering around the fan base for a while, I noticed there was a shortage of fan fiction's with Link as a child, I mean, him growing up.
So this adventure takes place before Twilight Princess, we see Link as a baby, grow into childhood and change in his teenage years, along with a few adventures in Ordon and his guardian the Golden Wolf.
Note: Rauru and Karane are Link's parents by fan fiction name. You may recognize them.

If you read it, I would love to hear your comments :happybounce:
The beautiful cover was done by Tavoriel - [link] Have a look at her work, it's epic!

You can access all the chapters here.

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WAIT! There's more! Forgotten Legends is the sequel! Read it!
Chapter One - [link]

HANG ON ONE MOMENT! Fan art by Zeliga! [link] For more of her work: [link] Check it out. Now.
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